Is the cure for disease already within you?

We are not our physical body. We are beings of light – with a very high frequency, having a human experience – with a much lower frequency.   As we step into the physical body at birth, with a mission to heal the Emotional Memory (EM), the accumulation of the incomplete EM keeps drawing us back to earth, in order to complete our experiences, as well as our soul group’s experiences.

The soul, the ‘real you’, is about the size of a baseball and is light energy centered in the upper chest area of the body. This ball of energy, which at times can be seen as a light, enters the body within minutes of the first breath and assumes the position of passenger until it completes its purpose.

The soul’s Emotional Memory (EM) draws you to the events your soul needs to complete, in order to release energy held in the EM. For most, the EM is repeated until the soul has completed the experience. The EM draws old events from the pain body to present time for the soul to experience once again. This allows the soul to approach old experiences, often with the same souls it has encountered in the past (while some or all “players” have a new bodies, minds and personalities) allowing the old experience to be re-experienced and re-examined with a new opportunity for the soul to grow and evolve while clearing the EM.

With each EM release, retained energy is freed and exchanged for fresh energy and the flow of energy is restored.  The Heal Guide coaches the client to a higher vibration or state of frequency and a deeper state of peace by teaching the client how to transfer emotional energy at a very high rate of speed.  With each successive encounter, more karmic blockages are released and the client is able to maintain the “higher vibration” associated with a higher level of consciousness.