Our Services are customized to your needs.

The HEAL Process offers a variety of programs for companies, professional athletes, healing practitioners, individuals seeking personal growth, as well as those dealing with disease.   

Health Issues: These private sessions concentrate on energetic clearing and focused energy intervention.  You will learn how to clear your body of negative emotional energies, at an accelerated rate, which releases (transfers) the energy that creates an environment for disease to thrive.

Performance Energy: Managing energy is key to all athletes’ continued success.  * Many athletes have reported major improvements in professional performance as well as injury recovery time by practicing The HEAL Process. Maybe its time to give your body the boost it needs to achieve your goals?

Private Training: Private, one-on-one instruction, Randall Oppitz and/or his team of certified HEAL Guides are available, on a limited basis, for personal consultation and energy management work.  The work is usually scheduled at our Wellness Center location, however we also offer “in home service” in New York City.

“…As far as my husband, he is very much alive today because of modern medicine and because of Randy. But how do you put that into words? It’s not possible. Because there’s another dimension somewhere that humans don’t give credit to and that is where Randy comes in…” Sweeda Aulicino, Lake George, N.Y

Weekend Retreats: Escape to our 230 acre piece of heaven in the Adirondack mountains.

Relationship Package
Spend three quiet days receiving THP energy work, massage and learning more about your relationship through astrology.

Preventive Care Package
A three day get away focusing on releasing stress, clearing organs and raising the body’s frequency.  Perfect for those who seldomly have time to relax and heal the body.

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