The Body Charger

The Body Charger is a revolutionary device that enhances the bioelectrical and biochemical functions of cells by saturating them with energy.  When the body has optimal energy, the natural cellular function is restored, empowering the body to identify and remove damaged or improper cells and replacing them with the original design that is encoded in our DNA.

Research has shown that the quality of health parallels the body’s frequency of vibration.  A healthy body vibrates between 60 – 70 MHz.  If the frequency falls to 59/58 MHz you may experience a common cold, and if your body continues to lower its frequency you may experience greater health issues.

* The Body Charger and electrotherapy are the healing wave of the future.  Every cell in the body has a tiny battery coded in it, and when the battery becomes low from stress, injury, or disease, it will have electrical difficulty.  The cell has an approximate electrical potential of 70 mill volts (mV).  An aged cell has 50 mV, and a diseased cell 15 mV.  The Body Charger charges the cells, just like charging our cell phones, thus increasing our body’s energy.

The Body Charger is designed to complement the principles of The Heal Process. It is currently only available by contacting them directly.

Don’t be confused by others, we are the original Body Charger. Founded by Irving Pheterson.  Hand crafted to order in the U.S.A.

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