We are pioneers and innovators in the emerging field of Energy Medicine.

The HEAL Process is the result of three decades of research and development by our founder, Randall (Randy) Mack Oppitz.  Randy has taught The HEAL Process and Energy Medicine to thousands of people who have come to his Birch Mountain Center located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. 

The HEAL Process teaches people how to manage their personal energy in a revolutionary way.  Through his personal journey, Randy uncovered many secrets of the soul, and his discoveries are the core of THP, providing a greater understanding of the human experience, allowing you to become aware of your EM (past life thoughts and feelings), and how to release what is not for your highest good.

Randy discovered during his research that the body responds to the energy of the soul. Simply put, when the soul holds pain, the body is in pain. By assisting the soul to release its pain, the pain in the body releases too. Everyone Randy has worked with, regardless the illness or disease, were found to be holding large amounts of pain. Subsequently, once the soul’s pain was released the body healed – regardless of the illness or disease.

Here’s what a few of our clients have written about the process.

We have seen amazing continual improvement and a steady climb back to health. We feel like the weight of centuries has been lifted from us. We are living again. We have found that participating in The HEAL Process has given us the knowledge to discover a whole new reality.” – Linda Haner, Troy, N.Y.

I was introduced to Randy and The HEAL Process I was looking for someone or something to improve my health, to fix me. What I found in the process is that I have always had the ability to heal myself. I learned that to truly heal my physical self I had to heal my spirit… In this new reality called The HEAL Process I have come so far and improved so much on all levels. I am humbled by this experience and so uplifted at the same time. I have learned that anything is possible in life, in love, and in spirit. I am able to do things that I haven’t been able to do in years! ” – Robert Haner, Troy, N.Y.

…It’s an awesome, wonderful feeling. It’s been an awesome journey. There aren’t enough words to say that would describe what I feel about this process and its results. I recommend it to anyone looking for a better way to live life.” – Freeman Hopp, Malta, N.Y