E n e r g y  M e d i c i n e  S p e c i a l i s t s
  The Heal Process greatly enhances the lives of our clients by providing them with the tools, knowledge and guidance to facilitate changes which then increases the energy flow in their lives. 

  By teaching clients how to properly release, as well as how to  breathe, clients feel empowered, choose to release thoughts and feelings which in turn raises their frequency.  Also, as they become more proficient and more selective in this process, they raise their frequency and restore the flow of love and light within their body – expediting the miracle of innate natural healing of the body, mind and soul. 

  A daily practice of the THP empowers an individual’s ability to recognize and release the energies of the past and maintain an accelerated state of well-being, thus enabling them to live in the NOW.
Our clients have shared with us that The HEAL Process  is the most powerful tool they have experienced in personal energy management, with compelling results in the following areas:

  • Reduction in Emotional Stress
  • Increased Overall Awareness & Mental Well-being
  • Increased Happiness & Prosperity
  • Marked Improvement — Body's Ability to Heal
  • Freedom from Body Aches & Pain
  • Heightened Energy Levels
  • Facial Rejuvenation — Energetic Facelift without Aesthetic Surgery
  • Oneness with Soul & Spirit

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Cancer Treatment 
and experience the healing power of energy healing.
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  You could learn to travel to levels of consciousness that your personality never knew existed.   

  The Heal Process is a pathway to living in a higher frequency, which many recognize as joy. According to our research we have come to understand disease lives in lower frequencies with negative thoughts and feelings.

  THP is able to detect and locate this dangerous energy which builds up in your body and may develop disease well before any current medical test is able to detect. The Heal Process helps our clients heal before the disease fully develops and begins its death march.

  Based upon 32 years of research we at THP have come to understand disease lives in lower frequency with negative thoughts and feelings. Confirmed by 50,000 sessions; if you raise the frequency of the body by transferring the low frequency energy out of the body.  The body begins to heal (from eating disorders to disease). 
A wonderful tool to recharge your energy
What is The HEAL Process?

Albert Einstein predicted Energy Healing would be the future of healthcare.
The Center for Disease Control refers to The HEAL Process's field of study as Energy Medicine.
The HEAL Process (THP) is the result of 30+ years of Energy Medicine research & practice.

How can THP help you?

THP is the most amazing all natural healing process which is experiencing remarkable success simply because we achieve measurable results. During the last thirty years THP has experienced measurable results with many types of health related issues and many types of disease, including cancer. We also are very excited with our results with substance abuse, autism, and many known birth defects. All this is accomplished by restoring the bodies healthy frequency's by transferring the diseased energy and replacing it with healthy energy!

How does THP achieve measurable results?

We treat each dimension of our client's existence (body, mind & soul) by helping our clients clear the emotional
disturbances within---everyone has them. As the emotional disturbances are released, the body, mind and spirit naturally return                          to a state of balance (joy) and the bodies innate ability to heal itself is once again fully empowered.

We witness our results everyday with client after client. The human bodies ability to heal is one of its
innate functions, which functions are being diminished by the emotional baggage we hold and the drugs we take.                            THP takes its clients on a journey to understand how to empower, then to learn how to manage, this most powerful miracle.
We are reminded of this miracle anytime you cut yourself and your body repairs itself.

Are you ready to restore your healthy frequency and experience your miracle too??

Question: By doing The HEAL Process how would my life be any different?

The HEAL Process's
very successful all natural
Treatment Program
Our program has successfully treated people for twenty years and is available in our private retreat format.

  Randall Oppitz, the founder of The HEAL Process (THP) has made an amazing discovery that is changing the way diseases are being treated. Randall discovered that diseases are a result of the lowering of the bodies frequency which is caused by the collection of negative thoughts and feelings which amount to the disturbances within.

   In his 30 years of research and practice he found every diseased client to have an decreased flow of energy combined with a very low frequency (charge) within their body. Once his client is taught how to increase their energy flow their body heals itself---Over 50,000 sessions have proven this to be true.

  The HEAL Process (THP) is a cutting-edge Energy Healing System grounded in leading-edge discoveries in the field of Quantum PhysicsTHP teaches its clients how to manage their energy levels by releasing the built up tension, the tension is both personal and mental energy and by releasing this "karmic energy" (emotional memories) trapped within the client’s pain body. Tension creates an environment that promotes dysfunction, illness and then disease as well as profoundly affects one’s level of consciousness. 
For over 20 years THP's clients have reported measurable results!
Results are directly related to the client's ability or inability to let go of their inner disturbances.

"The first visit with Randy was July 26, 2000. I remember Robert struggling up the steps and dragging himself in the building. I also remember thinking I can't believe I asked him to do this as tired and sick as he is. I knew he was doing this for me. Randy Oppitz and The HEAL Process have been gifts.

Not only has Robert not been in a crisis situation since that day but we have seen amazing continual improvement and a steady climb back to health. We feel like the weight of centuries has been lifted from us. We are living again. We have found that participating in The HEAL Process has given us the knowledge to discover a whole new reality.

As you search for a way to improve not only your health, but your life, you owe it to yourself to investigate The HEAL Process… Get involved with the HEAL Process - it will be the best health investment you have ever made in yourself."

                                                                                                                                                                            Linda Haner, Troy, N.Y.
The client achieves measurable results when they are able to release their inner disturbances... the larger the volume of release, the better the results !
If you recently have been diagnosed with any of the following illnesses or diseases we can help you:

Cancer, Autoimmune, Heart, Digestive, Thyroid, Depression, Chronic pain, Tension, Migraines, and so many more

Read on and you will learn how the loss of frequency in your bodies energy system is the reason for your disease.

The Heal Process teaches you how to restore your healthy frequency, once restored your bodies innate healing system will do the rest.

The majority of our clients go home completely healed and all others with measurable results.

If you read on you are about  to discover the biggest breakthrough in healing.

When it comes to treating cancer, we seem to be in a holding pattern. We are still relying on surgery, chemotherapy and other anticancer drugs, and radiation, just as we did 40 years ago. “We are stuck in a paradigm of treatment,” says Ronald Herberman, MD, the former director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. And our treatments are not working.

Are We Wasting Billions Seeking a Cure for Cancer?
Oct 2, 2012 4:45 AM EDT
More than 40 years after Nixon launched the war on cancer, we are not much closer to curing the disease. Why? Because finding a cure is the wrong goal, says doctor Margaret Cuomo.

Is the cure for Cancer & other diseases within you?
Our answer is yes, please read on to understand why thousands of our clients agree

Watch our amazing video testimony of The Heal Process results!!